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The Shasta Mill Material Handling and shipping dept. consisted of warehouse personnel, material handling and the 'Over the Road' trucking group.

Warehouse roll truckers would stage wrapped rolls coming off the roll line into the warehouse. They would also line up rolls for various mill equipment such as the cutters, precision sheeter, microembosser and fractional rewinders, 80 and 74 inch calenders.

Shipping employees would also load both shipping trailers and box railcars with finished paper goods such as pallets of paper in cartons, wrapped rolls and skids of both trimmed and or sheeted paper.

Material Handling unloader duties included sodium chlorate railcar and caustic railcar staging and unloading using the mill's 'trackmobile' out in the pulp mill.

They would also be responsible for warehousing and transporting carton 'flatstock' along with other mill related materials and supplies until requested by various areas of the operation.

The 'Over the Road' trucking group was based out of Shasta's Material Handling Dept. They were responsible for delivering Shasta's finished paper products in skids and cartons, as well as roll stock to the mill's various customers located both on the west coast and to other areas of the United States and Canada.

The first company leased truck used for hauling paper from Shasta was delivered around the early Fall of 1970 under Kimberly-Clark's ownership of the Shasta Mill. Left hand photo depicts the very first truck, a 1971 International cab / double-trailer combo in Kimberly-Clark livery parked next to the Shasta Finished Goods Warehouse just a few months after the company took delivery of it.

The mill then shortly afterward leased two Peterbuilts. These first three trucks used to haul paper products from Shasta were leased from Hawkeye in Anderson.

Shasta Mill driver Leon Mc M. is standing next to one of the two original company leased Peterbuilts in the right hand photograph. The trailer is painted in the Simpson-Lee blue and white livery colors of the early 1970s (photo taken in 1974). The truck itself still appears to be painted in Kimberly-Clark green and white livery colors, though the K-C logo had at the time of this photograph, been long since removed. Though barely visible to the eye, both Shasta Mill and Anderson, CA are stenciled on the driver's door just underneath the 'SL' Simpson Lee logo and corporate name.

According to Leon Mc M, when K-C started leasing trucks to haul paper out of the mill, they began experimenting with team driver consists. Due to personal differences, the first set of team drivers did not work out too well. They were soon let go. The next set of team drivers that the company assigned to the truck got along better. Leon mentioned that the mill used team drivers very extensively until the early 1980s.

Left photo depicts two of the leased GMC Astro cabovers in 1980 ( on the left and right side of the Peterbuilt cabover in the center) which the mill leased. All three rigs are painted in Simpson white and red striped livery of the period.

Around 1982, the company began assigning one or two solo drivers on some of the routes. Shortly there afterward, it was determined that solo drivers could perform the majority of the runs more economically.

Leon noted that during the mill's operation, drivers hauled product from Shasta up to Seattle and down to the bay area and Los Angeles/Pomona areas via the I-5 corridor. And, all the way north across the U.S./Canadian border to destinations in Vancouver; Richmond; and Burnaby, British Columbia.

Crew field stops along the I-5 corridor going north were the former Hungry Wolf 24hr restaurant-Union 76 Truckstop at Wolf Creek, Oregon; Wilsonville, Oregon which was located just outside of Portland and Marysville, Washington, which was located just outside of Everett.

Field stops on the Interstate 5 corridor southbound to the Los Angeles printers and the Pomona Mill included truckstops in Buttonwillow.

At these remote field stops, a driver could usually get a bite to eat, rest some, fuel up and update their logbook.

Leon also noted that when the drivers were running (Hwy) '97', they would stop at a small cafe out near the lake as they were heading up to Klamath Falls. Fellow Shasta driver Benny L. thought that this stop on 97 was known as '18 Wheeler'.

Upper right photo depicts a pair of 1976 Internationals painted white/with red sometime after the company had dropped the Lee name and old blue/white livery color scheme.

Shasta Mill based drivers also hauled paper products east to other out of state locations such as Pasadena, Texas; Vicksburg and Plainwell, Michigan.

Boise, Idaho; Salt Lake City, Utah and Phoenix, Arizona; North Carolina and Virginia were several other destinations for manufactured paper products shipped via truck from Shasta.

Left photo depicts a 1983 Kenworth cab with sleeper in classic white & red Simpson livery.

The mill leased trucks from several parties including Ryder; Linlease; Rawlins and Paccar. During the latter part of the mill's operation, trucks were primarily leased Kenworths and Peterbuilts as it was rumored at the time that the paper company owners had substantial stock interests in both major truck manufacturing firms.

Leon added that at the peak of the Shasta Mill's 'Over the Road' trucking operations, the company had 17 drivers on the payroll and eight leased trucks at one time.

The following three photos depict trucks staged out behind the Shasta Mill Corporate Service Center Building. Left photo is of a 1989 Kenworth. The next trucks are 1993 Kenworths.

And according to Leon, toward the end of the mill's operation, the company did finally purchase a set of new trucks which were built by Freightliner. Thanks Leon for sharing your vintage photos, along with the history of Shasta's 'Over the Road' trucking operation.

Also a thank you is extended out to Helen A., for the use of her several following photos of the Shasta Material Handling Dept. personnel.

Here are a couple random photos of the Shasta drivers waiting for their trailers to be loaded at the mill.

And here are a series of photos of some of the Shasta Mill shipping and material handling personnel. The Shasta Material Handling Dept. was also responsible for goods shipped from the George Drive warehouse off Caterpillar Road in north Redding, CA; the Eastside Road warehouse just south of Redding (former Market Wholesale Warehouse), Hawkeye storage north of Anderson, along with a remote distribution warehouse in Woodland, CA.
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