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2017-Another year has begun!

Spring is here, summer is right around the corner; and the lakes are now full.

Just a reminder that there will not be a regular mill picnic-reunion in August, though you can still attend the annual 5 Counties Labor Day Picnic at the Anderson River Park.

Here are a couple of photos to remind us of those rainy spring days down at the mill. If you had to work outside during the wind and rain, you were usually bundled up in one of those mill-issued rain jackets and or waterproof overalls.

Top photo depicts the Shasta Mill out in the distance, as the steam vapor or condensate from various mill processes is carried away by a strong wind during a storm.

The bottom photo depicts the mill parking lot on one such rainy day. Note the large puddles of water in which one would need to navigate around in order to get out to one's vehicle.