Shasta Mill Technical Department

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The technical dept. provided quality assurance for the Shasta Mill. There were labs, printing and paper test stations. There was a lab out in the pulp mill, where a technician would mix up batches of various chemicals to used used at various operation test stations.

In the lefthand photo, Jim W. manager over the Shasta Mill Technical Dept. is seen sitting at his office desk one afternoon.

Technical employees also ran various tests down at the mill's ranch on the Sacramento River.

The sample room was also a part of the technical department.

The following photos depict various hourly technical employees of the Shasta Mill technical department.

Glen L. Printing Press Laurel B.
Gary T. Steve and Mike Printing Press.
Gary B. Laurel B. Gary T.

Paper testers were also known to be 'renowned' chefs on occasion, as the paper machine test station would double as a breakfast buffet nook or kitchen on graveyard shift, as the employees there prepared scrambled eggs, bacon, etc. during breaks and served up the fixin's to the crew.

Lower left and right photo: Technical employee Mike T. obtains water quality samples down at the Shasta Ranch.

Thanks Glen for the use of some of your photos for this page.