Annual Shasta Mill Employee Reunion & Picnic

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Each year since the mill went down, former Shasta Mill pulp and paper employees have gathered for a reunion and picnic down at the Anderson River Park, not too far from the original Kimberly-Clark employee picnic grove.

Put on by a small group of former mill employees whom volunteer both their time and effort, this annual event draws management, salaried and hourly employees. There is a barbeque, cold beverages, salads and desserts.

Former employees swap stories as they reminisce about the times when the mill was in operation. Click the buttons near the top of this page to view previous employee reunions.

The right photo depicts the last remaining original Kimberly-Clark picnic table found at the park (has now since been removed), in the area where the old softball field once was. Remember those employee softball tournaments that we used to have at the old mill picnics?!?

Thanks Chris & Dave, George R., Pat G., Donna, Jerry and Pat J., Gary & Laura, Suzie E., Kathy L., Ladora, Mary B., Robin and Fred, and cakes by Teresa R. and Larry M. for all your efforts to provide us with an annual reunion. A special thanks to the maintenance volunteer barbeque team led by George G.!

Don't forget! The 2016 Shasta Mill Annual Employee Picnic is on Saturday August 20th- Anderson River Park- Anderson, CA