Various views around the Shasta Pulp Mill Recovery Boiler

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Now come take a walk up into the Shasta Pulp Mill Recovery Boiler unit area. The following photos are of various views from around the inside of the main boiler area.

Steel-toe shoes, safety eye protection and a personal respiratory safety pak are mandatory general safety practices while working in this area.

The next series of photographs depict various scenes from the boiler unit operating floor.

In the following right photo, the 'salt cake' storage tank can be seen depicted in the far background.

Upper left and center photos depict the 'B&W' logo located on various boiler equipment which refers to the main boiler unit manufacturer Babcock & Wilcox. Lower right photo: a close-up view of the 'salt cake' storage tank.

The upper left photo depicts windows of the Shasta recovery control room in the background and the boiler area monitoring board located in the same control room in the center picture. Upper right photo depicts one of the recovery unit elevator doors, this one located on the 3rd floor. In addition to the elevator, a flight of stairs ran all the way up through the Shasta recovery boiler unit. The next set of six photographs depict several views out on the south end of the building around the boiler's precipator unit.

Three more photos out the south end of the Shasta Recovery Boiler.

The following three photos depict various views out the north door of the boiler unit. The lower left photo depicts the lime kiln building. Various bleach plant storage towers can be seen in the background. Brownstock blowtank; caustic soda storage tank; Shasta Kamyr digester unit and kiln are depicted in the middle photograph. Lower right photo depicts a view looking out easternly down the catwalk toward the recovery 'Effects' area. Bottom three photos depict various angles down in the recovery 'basement' area.