The view from the top of Shasta Recovery

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Now take in a bird's eye view from the top of the Shasta Pulp Mill Recovery Boiler roof 'vista point'. One could actually see for miles around on a clear day on top of Shasta County's tallest building.

The boiler's height is approximately 112 feet tall from the ground floor.

Upper right photo depicts a view towards the north. Mt. Shasta is obscured through a layer of clouds. The top of the Shasta Kamyr digester is visible to the left side in the foreground with the calcium bicarbonate plant in the bottom right foreground. The very tip of Recovery's bright orange fabric windsock is at the far right.

Other photos (top to bottom) in direction depict the mill's effluent operation and ponds; the chip shack house and chip dump/chip yard; maintenance storage 2A and mill scrap 'bone yard'. Another photo depicts a view to the west looking down the paper machine buildings. Final bottom right photo depicts a view looking straight down from the very top of the boiler unit. Depicted in this photo is the roof of the Shasta Cogen unit and electrical grid transfer station.

Left photo below depicts the roof of the flash pulp dryer building.

The boiler unit has been down since 2001 and the smelt bed is cold.