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Here are a few miscellaneous photos:

You'd never know who'd you run into out in the main lunch room! George B. (left) and Jerry 'Coop' (right)

Lower left photo: Mavis, our friendly morning lunch room and donut lady could be found either out in the main lunch room or down in the maintenance lunch room, as well as pushing her lunch cart down the long tractor corridor at times.

Next photo: "Willy gets 'bit' by the quality bug". Shasta Mill Quality Sub-Committee members (left to right) Dennis H., Mike A., Doug P., George R. & Craig J. presenting Willy Mc A.(center right accepting award) with a 'quality bug' tee shirt.

Bottom photograph depicts a group picture of many of the Shasta Mill employees standing out in front of the main mill entrance taken sometime in the late 1970s. We will be tagging those individuals recognized in this photo in the near future.