In Memory of our fellow coworkers

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The following is a list of former mill employees which we have received word of their passing. Our sincere condolences go out to the families and friends of our fellow coworkers. We have also included the names of employees who have passed away while the mill was in operation.

Right photo:The late Don Ramsey programming the Microcut 'backgauge' trimset instrument at the Lawson 110" trimmer in sheet finishing sometime around the mid 1980s. Mr. Ramsey would later transfer to the precision sheeter to become a crew leader operator there. Don mentioned that at one time, prior to working at the mill, he had worked on components on the Saturn V rocket assembly for the Apollo space mission. It was truly a pleasure to work with Don.

Thanks to Chris L. for keeping a record of our departed fellow employees.

Here is the list:

Hersh Alloway

Mike Anstead

Bill Anthony

Ron Atwell

George Avila

Bill Barry

Bill Barwick

Tracy Baum

Ken Behling

Gene Behn

Harvey Bennett

Jack Benton

Bob Bishop

John Boban

Jim Boone

Ed Bordsen

Jim Bowen

Mike Bowen

Don Boyd

Vince Boysza

Jim Bradley

Ken Brown

Dave Brunson

Sam Bulea

Dan Burns

Vern Canty

Curt Carmen

Dick Carter

Jim Cavalieri

Bud Chase

Bob Childers

Clancy Coates

Kay Coates

Al Coenen

Bob Colburn

Lou Conklin

Ruthie Conklin

Bob Conn

Evelyn Conn

Wanda Conrad

Pete Cordova

Ken Cortright

George Coulter

Jim Cumbee Sr.

Don Daggett

Randy Davis

Sherry Davis

Sammie Dennie

Jeff Dennis

Bill Dibble

Jim Dierx

Jessie Dobson

Bob Donnery

Joe Dorsey

Shirley Dougherty

Mike Dowler

Cary Duke

Jim Dunmoyer

Ralph Duttweiler

Les Dwinell

Tom Eatmon

Bob Eiting

Kurth Edwards

John Eliason

John Elsemore

Bill Evans

Leroy Evans

Mary Fagan

Art Falk

Tom Fields

Jim Fleury

Roy Fowler

Phil Frisbie

Darel Fry

Gary German

Emile 'Frenchy' Geron

Larry Gibbs

Tom Gibson

Lee Glanzer

Tony Gonczeruk

Ken Greenhood

John Grettum

Gary Grider

Don Hambly

Todd Hansen

Tom Harney

Elmer Harrington

Tony Harris

Ralph Hawley

Bill Heath

Dorothy Heath

Wanda Heath

Larry Henry

Ralph Herrick

James Heyfron

Dan Hightower

John Hobbs

Jim Holloway Sr.

Jim Holt

George Hovater

Tom Hudson

Ron Jackson

Bruce Johann

Orin Johnston

Al Joksch

Jessey Keathley

Dean Kingsford

Frank Knabenshue

Ken Korhonen

Ron Kuss

Jerry Langham

Keith Larsen

Bennie Lindell

Bill Loader

Charles Lotz

Bob Maples

Larry Mason

Robert McCain

Joe McDermott

Joe McGinty

Leon McManus

Art McMasters

Tom Meehan

Leonard Mickelson

Jim Miesen

Gene Miles

Odis Miller

Jim Mireles

Lupe Mireles

Dave Mitchell Sr.

Tim Moore

Hal Morelock

Ken Morris

Tom Munro

Justin Murray

Jim Myers

Sandy Narum

Dick Newport

William 'Bill' Nott

John Nufer

Don Nunley

Don Ollen-Bittle

Eugene O'Niones

Jim Paradise

Art Parham Sr.

Dave Parsons

Shirlee Patton

Paul Pike

Norm Popejoy

Greg Porterfield

Gerald 'Jerry' Prather

Don Prielup

Bill Prince

Charlie Proctor

Betty Pukis

Paul Pukis

Venero Purvis

Don Ramsey

Eleanor Regelin

Chick Rhodes

Jan Rickard

Thell Riddle

Arnold Robinson

Bruce Robinson

Chuck Rockson

Nils Roehne

Ellis Rose

George Rossetti

Don Rouse

Chick Van Sambeek

Sally Schaeffer

Adam Schmidt

Roger Schneider

Tim Severtson

Curtis Shada

Larry Shanhols

Karl Shaver

Lee Short

Susan Shoup

Roger Skinner

Ron Skinner

Ed Smid

Harry Smith

Wayne Smith

Wayne 'Skip' Smith

Bill Smotski

Jim Snelling

Daryll Standon

Earl Stansberry

Thaddeus Stevens

Boyd Strawbridge

Mac Strawn

Jim Stryker

Lauren Stubbs

Richard Suid

Earl Sweig Sr.

Charles Taff

Glen Taff

Carey Tanner

Clem Thibault

Wayne Thompson

Bill Thurman

Tom Tomlin

Keith Tucker

John Tyler

Frank Van Boekel

Walt Vastrick

Hank Waits Jr.

John Wallace

Ron Warpula

Ron Webb

Al Wilkinson

Jim Wilson

John Wilson

Susan Womack

Don Woods

Larry Worstman

Shirley Worstman

Dan Yeager

Nolan Young

Howard Zacharias