Lime Kiln Recausticizng area

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Take a brief tour around the Shasta Pulp Lime Kiln/Recausticizing area. The right photo depicts the kiln looking due south with the evaporator effects/ recovery building in the background.

The next three photos depict the kiln mud filter room (dog house) left photo; the venturi scrubber-separator/ emissions stack unit (middle photo); with a glimpse of the caustic soda storage tank-far right side of right photo.

In the next series of three photographs below, views from the hood end of the kiln are depicted. You are now looking down the length of the kiln unit from both the left and right side of the kiln hood. The main hood unit is depicted in the middle photo.

The next three photos depict details of the the kiln natural gas/oil burner unit and the very top of the kiln hood unit.

The above three photos depict the kiln sight glass door (left photo); middle photo: lime slaker/causticizing unit; right photo: purchased lime bins.

The next five photos are of various equipment inside the kiln-recausticizing control room. The first three photos are of the kiln/recausticizing flow indicator diagram board which was located right above the main control panel (note the many various processes in which the operator was responsible for). Two lower photos depict the Conamara fuels select control panel (lower left) and the kiln temperature monitor (lower middle photo); recausticizing aisleway (below control room) right photo.