First Shipment of Coated Paper

Early Years
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The following photograph depicts the very first railcar load of Shasta Mill coated printing paper destined for a printing company located in the greater Los Angeles area of southern California in late 1964. Can you help us fill in the blanks and identify any of the unknown men in this vintage photo?

Left to Right: 1.-?, 2.-?, 3.-Roy Hunter, 4.-Glen Dryberg(cutter operator), 5.-?, 6.-Dalton Taylor(cutters), 7.-John Martin(sorting), 8.-Larry Flare, 9.-Dale Kirk(sorting), 10.-?, 11.-Jim Baker(skid line), 12.-Ken Reynolds(trimmer operator), 13.-Ken Cortright(boss), 14.-Gene Beek, 15.-Corky Barnes(first 87" trimmer operator), 16.-Reno?, 17.-Clancy Coates(boss over trimmers)

Thanks Dale for the use of this photo for the website.