Various Views around the Shasta Pulp Mill Digester

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Come take a walk around the Shasta Pulp Mill Kamyr Digester. The following photos are of various views from the north end of the digester unit.

Steel-toe shoes, safety eye protection and a personal respiratory safety pak are required while working in this area.

In the next series of photographs taken from the digester platform, several Bleachplant stock storage towers are seen in the background (lower left photo). The orangish colored tiled screened stock storage tower is located north across the railroad tracks. Chlorine Dioxide or 'CD' manufacturing operations, various chemical storage tanks and the sodium chlorate rail unloading facilities are also in view in the middle photograph. Right photo depicts the top of the lime mud wash clarifier. A Eucalyptus tree farm appears in the background.

The following photos depict the black liquor filtrate tanks next to Brownstock (lower left photo); and the white liquor clarifier storage tank (middle-right and lower left photos). The digester upper level building unit containing the chip bin is depicted in the lower right photo. A conveyor belt system would bring the wood chips up to the chip bin from the shaker screen room.

The next photos depict various black liquor lines running along the digester unit and the black liquor heating unit platform.

The following photos depict the wood chip bin, chip meter and low pressure feeder. The steaming vessel and flash tanks are depicted in the lower photos.

The following photos depict the view out the south end of the digester. The lower left photo depicts the chip shaker screen building and rejects chute. The center photo depicts the blow tank storage unit. Brownstock hot stock feed pumps located on the base of the blow tank and general brownstock basement area are seen in the lower righthand photo.